31 Days Alcohol Free-Perspective

Life has a funny way of providing perspective when you most need it.

Yesterday, I felt sad and sorry for myself. I was pissed off with life and went to bed grumpy and depressed. My thoughts were full of lack- “I don’t have this, I don’t have that. Life is unfair”.

And so, the Universe gifted me today with an array of patients to look after at work, whose circumstances very quickly pulled me out of my self pitying mind and into a place of gratitude.

I am incredibly grateful for my able body and intact mind. I am free to walk, run, eat, drink and interact with my fellow human beings. I am not suffering a chronic, incurable disease, I haven’t been abandoned by my family and friends. I am able to feed myself, I am not in pain and the suffering I experience is limited and for the most part, self induced.

I get to come home to my warm, safe house. I get to sleep in my own comfortable, cosy bed and in the morning, I’ll be free to spend my day however I choose.

My life is full.

Yesterday, I felt resentful that certain dreams have not been fulfilled. I was comparing myself to others, comparing my life to other’s lives. And today, I’ve continued to compare myself and my life with others, different others, and through a simple shift in perspective, I’ve realised that who I am and where I am, is perfectly fine.


4 thoughts on “31 Days Alcohol Free-Perspective

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better today, I felt your pain yesterday. But you are doing something different this year, something amazing, getting sober, so who knows what wonderful things will come your way now you have made room for them (am telling myself this at the same time 🙄). Your blog is excellent and I love that you share, thank you. Good luck on your sober journey, warm wishes and hugs xoxo


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